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Hello everyone,

Below are a few pointers or things to look out for when you're going to critique on an image from our gallery. Please read them carefully. They aren't rules, but that doesn't make them any less important!

:bulletblack: One: Before you critique an image, please check whether or not that particular picture has already received critique. If it hasn't, you can obviously critique away! If it has however, please read those critiques first to see if there is anything useful you can still add, or simply move on to an other picture from our gallery. This is purely to prevent you wasting your time saying things that have already been said, not to mention that it would obviously be better if critiques are equally distributed over all of the pictures in our gallery, rather than a few pictures receiving tons of critique and others being left unnoticed.

:bulletblack: Two: If you're going to critique, please consider your own abilities and knowledge. This is not to say that a less experienced artist can't point out flaws in a more experienced artist's work, but if you, for example, have very little understanding of color and light, it would probably be best to not focus on color and light in your critique as you may give false advice that way. You could of course point out that there is something wrong with the lighting if you feel that there is, but if you don't know how to fix it, please don't guess. No advice is better than wrong advice!

:bulletblack: Three: Read other people's critiques, as advise given to other artists may well be just as helpful to you!

:bulletblack: Four: Although this is not a must, it would be nice if you mentioned that you found the artwork via our group. The more members we can get, the better!

Note that this list is prone to change and that things may be added/removed. Feel free to suggest anything you find important when critiquing an image!

~ Lhune
Founder of SeriousArtists